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Teqball Eswatini Federation is a team of 15 talented and passionate individuals who have come together to spearhead the rolling out of Teqball in Eswatini. The main mandate of the Federation is to introduce, promote and develop Teqball in all four (4) regions of the Kingdom of Eswatini, with the goal of sending a national team to represent the nation at the Teqball World Championships held annually.

In the Short Term the Teqball Federation seeks to develop and promote the practice of Teqball in all forms and its variants. In the Long Term the Teqball Federation seeks to obtain a state-of-the-art facility to accommodate an expected overall growth in demand and to cater for provisional, national and international events.

Our Vision

Positioning Teqball as a sport for choice in The Kingdom of Eswatini, the Sport that provides quality experience and opportunities, the sport that inspires all Teqball Members.

Our mission

Initiate & facilitate a range of Quality Outdoor and Indoor Teqball Competitions, Events & Programs that will give all Eswatini Community Members the opportunity to participate regardless of their ability, experience, race, sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic standing or age.

Our Objectives

To promote and develop opportunities for members of the federation to participate in recreational and competitive sporting and athletic activity.

To Promote, provide for, regulate and ensure effective management of Teqball competitions, tournaments and games under the control of or authorised by the Teqball Federation.

To Prevent racial, religious, gender or political discrimination or distinction amongst all Teqball Members players. .

To Train coaches, Officials and Administrators on the game of Teqball and develop programs for all levels of performance

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Activation 1

Mbabane Club Albert Millin

Activation 2

Mbababane Town

Activation 3

Manzini Town

Activation 4

Nhlangano Town

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